There are 10 kinds of people

Ten… those who understand binary and those who don’t.* Do not despair if you do not understand the title and first line.  Keep reading and all will be revealed at the bottom.  If you did chuckle, well done!

Actually there are 2 kinds of people in the US:  Mayonnaise people and Miracle Whip† people.  Oh sure, most people in public pretend to be mayonnaise people, as it is ubiquitous in restaurant settings, but in private, where it counts, there are those who will not eat an after-Thanksgiving turkey sandwich with anything but Miracle Whip. I don’t even need you to think about what type of person you are, you were way ahead of me in self-identifying in the last paragraph, right?

Growing up, we were a Miracle Whip family.  I loved Miracle Whip.  Really.  It was a source of much parental discontent, in the same way I took baths which were too frequent and too warm.  After I left for college it became a joke.  My parents would take the Miracle Whip jar and mark the line indicating the amount of remaining product.  When I returned at the next break, the majority of the remaining white goodness would still be there.  Following my visit, there was usually a new jar purchased and a new demarcation line. Continue reading “There are 10 kinds of people”

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Microwaved lemon curdWhen I used to buy yogurt, there were certain types my kids liked and ones I was guaranteed to have to make sure didn’t petrify at the back of the refrigerator.  Top of the list were two citrus fruit flavors, orange creamsicle and key lime.  Now that I’m making my own yogurt, it’s a challenge to find things which don’t become monotonous because even a good thing becomes boring with too much exposure.  We’ve been recently eating the preserves from the citrus flesh left over from the mixed peel, which is delicious, but this morning I was presented with a fantastic alternative. Continue reading “Bookmark it!”