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Things left behind

Facebook is an arguably great tool for keeping in touch with other people. It is also an enormous time sucker, with promoted content and lots of links by well meaning acquaintances, which can occupy you until the trumpets sound and Jesus comes in the clouds. You know what I mean, don’t you?

Skinny mirrorToday, I was sucked into an interesting article about what a woman missed when she lost over half her original body weight. It is a very articulate list of unforeseen consequences and well worth the read, if only to shed insight into the thoughts of people more or less adiposely enabled than you.

Before you think, “well I am not really interested in what fatty has to say,” know that the author is now a personal trainer and contributor to a website devoted to fitness, nutrition and health.

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At ease disease, there’s fungus amongus

Alexander FlemingI was born in a time when the miracle of all miracles had been invented.  Alexander Fleming is credited with discovering what is called penicillin, a drug derived from the Penicillium fungi; health from mold.  What a concept.

Had this drug been available earlier, things like the Black Plague may never have made it into the history books, and consequently left us devoid of plague monuments throughout Europe.  STD’s like syphillis and gonorrhea would have become diagnoses, not death sentences, and leprosy, the scourge from the beginnings of recorded history, would have deprived Jesus of walking among the physically outcast from society. Continue reading “At ease disease, there’s fungus amongus”