Fizzy Bubbly

What to do with the citrus simple syrup from your candied fruit?  You can store it in a jar in the refrigerator and use it for cocktails, fruit smoothie citrus hits or you can make this fabulous drink.  I call it Fizzy Bubbly, in honor of Zohan and because it does.

DIY alcohol out of juice and simple syrupIt will require special equipment.  I got mine from ThinkGeek, one of my favorite places to shop, but you could find a a wine or beer making supply store and purchase similar items.  You need a champagne yeast and an airlock for the top of the bottle. It is also useful to brew in a container with extra head room so as not to have particulate contamination of your airlock. I used a heating pad on the lowest setting for an ideal yeast procreation environment.

For this batch I used a can of orange juice concentrate, mixed as directed.  As orange juice has a low sugar percentage, I added the citrus simple syrup from the candied fruit.  Voila.  Keep it warm and wait 48 hours or longer, depending on the desired alcohol content.  Champagne yeast will tolerate up to 17% alcohol, although you may wish to dive in sooner for more active bubbling.

Fizzy bubbly orange happiness.  I’m planning on trying it with a splash of cream; a creamsicle with a kick!


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