Sometimes you have to laugh

The news this morning is making me giggle.

  • The SEIU backed “occupiers” are wanting union Longshoremen to honor a picket line, and they won’t.
  • The Seattle school district has lost a lot of money because of their ban of junk food in vending machines, so they’re considering overturning the ban.

Bottom line: Money is more important than principles apparently. Follow the money, always follow the money.  You derive much more truth in your evaluation when you understand how the money flows and affects the decision makers.


2 thoughts on “Sometimes you have to laugh

  1. I’m confused. The Seattle school district is losing money because they aren’t getting money from having the vending machines? If that’s the case, did no one figure this out to begin with, or is this something to do with funding?

    I mean, come on, you’d think a school district would know where their money comes from. Oh, maybe not.


    1. Princess, the school district didn’t actually take out the vending machines, but they insisted the machines carry only healthy food. What they found out was 1) the students were going off campus to buy their deep fried cheese puffs and 2) the ASB funds, which is where the profits had been going, were suffering. The district had promised to fill the depleted coffers, but has failed to do so.

      What do you do in a budget crisis? Throw the principle (not the principal) out the window because the cash is more important.

      The whole problem could have been solved by harvesting from the cushions in the teacher’s lounge; couch cushions is where excess junk food always ends up 🙂


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