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Lovely Lady

A bit of Pickering in SeattleHow fortunate I am!  Recently I was privileged to lunch in the company of some very formidable foodies.  The occasion?  The arrival of Melinda Pickworth from the UK for a visit.  Melinda and I have exchanged comments and recipes, primarily over my attempts to create an authentic tasting crumpet.  She and my sister are fast friends, exchanging recipes, handmade cards and gifts.

Peabody of Culinary Concoctions by PeabodyWe lunched at the Seattle Art Museum, a beautiful place for locally sourced food and I felt very out of my league food-wise, having with us also the award winning Peabody.  Between those ladies and my niece who is a rabid healthy eating-a-holic, I ate my food and enjoyed talking with Melinda about how a nice gal from Oregon ended up living in England.

Melinda brought us gift bags, which was a delightful surprise (I can’t imagine what her luggage weighed) and among other things, Steve was the lucky recipient of a Marmite sandwich holder.  Don’t know Marmite? You are missing an experience!

End of story.  What, no recipes?  Nope, I just wanted to drop some names and count myself fortunate to know these lovely ladies.


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