A royal wedding

In April the world went gaga over the marriage of Prince William and Catherine Middleton.  As they walked into the cathedral, I imagined Catherine’s father saying things to her like, “You look like a Queen, sweetheart,” or “I can’t believe someday my little girl will be my Queen!”  Whatever he said to her, she looked every inch a Royal and it wasn’t hard for the rest of England to take her into their hearts as the wife of the heir to the throne.

Ah, young love!Recently I attended another wedding, and it was equally as royal, although no titles were acquired other than the traditional Mr. and Mrs.  This was the wedding of a lovely young lady, many years of my acquaintance and a young man who seems to thrive on the love that was evident in her eyes.

Because her mother would not be at the wedding, the bride asked many of the ladies in the church and of her acquaintance who had been a part of her life in some facet, to make a cake in lieu of a traditional tiered concoction.  I was honored to be among those asked.

What to make?  Her husband and his friends are football players.  No foo-foo cake would have done.  I revisted a cake I had made for James’ 18th birthday and with a few modifications, made one which I was proud to have served at her reception.

The original cake came from my sister’s blog, and I put it together with the following modifications:

  • When beating the eggs in, add 1/3 cup mayonnaise.  I know the editors of Bon Appetit (and probably my sister) are sharpening knives to commit hari kari at this egregious alteration, but I found the original cake a bit dry.
  • Before adding the ganache between layers, I heated some cherry preserves and spread a light layer to add a little more moisture and just a hint of sweet.  Cherries go well with both chocolate and beer; you could try other fruits as well.

The wedding colors were black, gold and cream.  Golden sprinkles on dark black (heavenly) chocolate were appropriate.  Congratulations to the happy couple and best wishes for a lifetime of bliss!


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