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Seeing is believing

On February 11, 2010, NASA launched SDO, the Solar Dynamics Observatory, the mission of which was to monitor the sun in ways we have not been able previously.

Since it began sending unbelievably awe inspiring photos, we have had a barrage of “Oh my gosh, this could interrupt the power grid.”  “It could be worse than Katrina.” “The lives of our astronauts are in peril.” “Oh great Woe and Agony and Desolation.”  While we have been alerted to grab our cameras and head for Aurora Borialis displays, the nature of the comminiques always had an undertone of, “Be afraid, be very afraid.”

I’m gonna get religious on you here, so hold on to your seats.

It strikes me that the fully revealed countenance of the sun is much like faith.  We go along, most of us not paying much attention to the glowing orb in the sky, taking for granted that it rises and sets on a regular schedule and is necessary for photosynthesis.

Older civilizations recognized our dependence on our warm neighbor and called it a god.  They worshipped it, tracked it, and built monuments which to this day scientists argue over how much of the design was to be in sync with the sun:  Stonehenge, the pyramids, Nazaar lines, etc.

Even to the present day, we didn’t give it that much worry, other than was it slinking through the ozone hole over Antarctica and how did the continued presence of humans interface with the sun in the form of Gore-bal Warming?

And now we see the sun in all its fury and magnificence and we tremble.  Guess what?  It was like that before SDO, we just didn’t have full knowledge.  It has always existed in horrible fury, capable of interfering with our systems and blasting energy through our atmosphere.

The Bible says “we see in a mirror darkly, but then, face to face.”  We’re going to get a better glimpse of God, just as we have gotten a better picture of the sun, and when we do, “Every knee will bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.”  Not a couple of knees, but every one.  Our apathy will turn to belief, whether we like the outcome or not; His magnificence and majesty will be undeniable.


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