God in the heavens

Many years ago I went to a summer program with some people from my church.  One evening they had us just lie on our backs looking at the night sky.  It was an epiphany event for me.  No sermon, no booklets, just a seed, planted during my childhood, which took root that night.

I looked at the sky and understood there had to be a God.  I could see it. Psalms say that the heavens reflect the glory of the Lord; I caught the reflection.

At the time, my challenge was God was “out there” and I didn’t know how to get to Him.  Well yes I did.  I had been to church and knew all the stories, but I didn’t believe the message of Jesus as the bridge between Holy God and sinful man; that realization is another story.  I re-post this beautiful set of time lapse photography because it stirs my soul still.

Time-lapse Photography of the Milky Way.


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