Money Saving Tips

I think most of these my father, the master of frugality instilled in us long ago, but they bear repeating.

I would add to the list – save your bread wrappers to store leftovers, wash out your ziploc bags for reuse and interestingly, the spaghetti sauce jars will re-seal wonderfully, saving you lots of money when you do your own canning.

Top 15 Tips For Saving Thousands On Your Bills Saving money is the hot word at the moment as the world economy gulps for air. Here I give tips on how you could save thousands by making a few changes to your home and lifestyle. The items are listed in no particular order, and the amounts I personally saved by trying these tips is listed at the end of each segment. Enjoy! 15Take Holidays Closer to Home Holidays are often seen as a necessity, but luxury holidays can work out more expensive than … Read More

via Listverse


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