Trekking in Tibet

Rediscovering life's simple pleasures
Rediscovering life's simple pleasures

When I was in elementary, I went to summer school.  No, I didn’t have abysmal grades and have to do makeup.  I went to summer school because I wanted to!  I know, pretty odd, but I enjoyed it.

One year I took my childhood version of Nirvana, a class entitled “Library.”  It consisted of going into the library for the allotted time, picking out the book(s) of your choice, and just reading.  It still boggles me that there were kids for whom this was a punishment.  For me, it was like Belle discovering the Beast’s library in Disney’s Beauty and the Beast.  So many books, and I could read whatever I wanted.

I must have chosen this book, Daughter of the Mountains, by Louise Rankin, several times.  Even picking it up yesterday, I could remember the nuances of several of the opening sentences.

Picking it up yesterday?  I had thought about this book for many years but couldn’t remember the title or the author.  Last week the synapses fired.  Duh, I can simply put in some of the salient bits (Lhasa Apso + Tibet + book), and bingo!  Gosh I love technology.

The book was out of print, I thought,  but hello Daughter of the Mountains (Newbery Library, Puffin) at!  I found a used copy for $5.88, including shipping.  Yesterday it arrived.  OMG, not only was it what I wanted, it was a hard bound copy, library edition from a school library.

If you went to school at St Louis School in Fond DuLac, WI, we may have read the same copy of the same book.  We’re kindred spirits! 

Locally, you may borrow it if you promise to be nice to it!


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