Cats on drugs

Felinus Hyperus
Felinus Hyperus

We have a new cat.  My daughter insisted on it as she had grown to love it while they were fostering it at her dad’s.  His name is Guah (pronounced “Gwaaaaah”) and he’s adorable.

Guah arrived while one of the already resident felines was having a bout of idiopathic cystitis.  What that means is she had urinary cysts, most likely brought on by stress.  The fix?  Drugs.  Kitty happy drugs.  We give her the equivalent of kitty prosac, tuna flavored.  She is happy and stoned, but thankfully is no longer urinating blood.  That’s a good thing.

I’m not sure why I started this post.  Maybe just to say we have a new cat.  The other cat is doing better, and Daniel is coming home in 60 days.  Woohoo!


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