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I don’t ususally buy processed cheese

My Sunday obsession
My Sunday obsession

What do Boeing Commercial Aircraft Division and the Superbowl have in common?  Martha C.!  I bet you didn’t know that.

Martha C. was a co-worker during my 5 years at the Everett plant.  No, I was not Rosie the Riveter, I was Elizabeth, the Entrex/Nixdorf programmer (did I just jog anyone’s archaic computer memory?).  Our group would have potlucks before major holidays and sometimes just as a morale building event.  Martha brought her dip.  It was what you looked forward to.  It was filling, delicious and made you wish you had multiple stomachs like a cow, so you could eat more.

I would occasionally make her dip for special occasions, but it has become associated with the Super Bowl because despite being in a house full of guys, up until I met Steve, I was pretty much the only football fan.  Sure, I could trek to Bellevue to hang out with my wonderful Brother in Law, Bruce, but that wasn’t the same as enjoying it with family.  So I started bribing them.

They don’t have to watch all the games, but the Superbowl now carries with it the perk of having Chili Cheese Dip.  Caveat – you can only eat it while you’re watching.  I’m sure years from now there will be memories of this at the psychiatrist’s – Mom used to abuse us by forcing us to watch violent sports just so we could eat.  Bah, don’t believe a word of it!

Matt asked for another recipe yesterday and while I was digging it out, came across the Chili Cheese Dip.  You should have seen his face light up when I asked if he wanted it.  No pictures, cuz it’s not January, but here’s the recipe.

Chili Cheese Dip

from Martha C. (name withheld because I don’t have permission)
  • 1 lb Velveeta® Cheese
  • 1 can chili, no beans
  • 1 bunch green onions, chopped (including whites and greens)
  • 1 can green chili peppers, chopped
  • 1/2 tsp dried red peppers (or more to taste)

Cut the cheese into chunks and mix with other ingredients.  Heat in a covered casserole until mixture is soupy.  Cool slightly and serve with crackers or tortilla chips.

Note:  I usually double the recipe – it’s a long game when you include the halftime show.


6 thoughts on “I don’t ususally buy processed cheese

    1. That’s why the post title is, “I don’t usually buy …” 🙂

      Processed cheese shouldn’t be given a food designation, but unfortunately, it’s what makes this dip. Real cheese doesn’t cut it. Unfortunately.


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