Baking · Birthday

Birthday Pie

It’s my *ahem* [insert number here] birthday today and the requisite [boring] cake is in the oven.  

I wanted something fun to go with it.  We have a crop of fresh basil growing hydroponically, tomatoes ripe in pots on the deck and mozerella.  Hm, are you thinking what I’m thinking?  Oh heck yes. Margherita Pizza!

Good ingredients make good food

Start with the best crust recipe ever:  King Arthur Flour.  Make sure you read all the way through before you begin, so you select the option which works for you.  Top with whatever makes you smile and your mouth water.  We made a round one, opting for sun-dried tomatoes in place of the fresh, and a rectangular “kids” pizza, half Hawaiian, half olive and cheese. 

The crust was voted “sensational,” with crispness on both sides and light innards.  The only downside was the thin crust didn’t hold up as well under the weight of the Hawaiian toppings, so either put on less or make a thicker crust!


For you regular readers, the [boring] cake was frosted with the rest of the pistachio pudding frosting, reworked and revitalized.  I hate to throw good food away.


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