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Time Warp

Thursday was an orchestra concert at the Middle School (Hope) and a choir concert at the High School (James).  We couldn’t be both places at the same time so we flipped a coin.  Steve got to sit on hard bleachers in the hot, stuffy Middle School gym and I got a padded seat in the air conditioned theater.  I totally won on that coin toss.

The choir did, what I think was their best performance ever.  Really strong men anchored complex harmonies on interesting adaptations of favorites.  And me? I was in a time warp the instant they launched into “Jeremiah was a Bullfrog.”

Bryant Jr. High.  Mrs. Applegate.   OMG, all of a sudden I was wearing a red floor length skirt and white blouse and singing Jeremiah was a Bullfrog.  Oh how things have come full circle in the *ahem* 13 or so years since I was in Jr. High.

My favorite was James’ choir’s rendition of Billy Joel’s beautiful ballad “And So It Goes”  I saw Billy Joel in a little known Salt Lake venue before he hit it big; which totally belies those 13 years since Jr. High.  I had to walk through the ramped parking garage to get to the small room and my date asked me to hold a bag for him when we went through security.  Derrrr, I was so stupid I actually did it.  No clue he was hoping I looked innocent enough not to get frisked for dope.  Sometimes I wonder that I made it through adolescence; I was lagging in a lot of worldly wisdom


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