Public Urination

A strange and interesting musical
A strange and interesting musical

Have you ever been served food which looks suspect, but on taste becomes one of your favorite dishes? Have you ever had it happen in reverse; it looks good but tastes like something the cat shouldn’t have dragged in?

I wasn’t totally convinced I would enjoy Urinetown. The premise was bordering on preachy and would you want to sit through an hour and a half of people talking about peeing?

As it turns out, it was fabulous. The music, which I had been listening to all semester as James practiced, was performed beautifully by amazingly talented high school students. The dancing was brilliantly choreographed; inventive and absolutely perfect for the performance. All in all, it was a great evening.

Of course for me was the moment when Cladwell pops out from behind his desk, wearing bunny slippers, but I’m biased as that is James’ character.

I liked the ending — it’s not a patsy “see, we were right all along and the big bad evil corporations were entirely that.” Nice twists.

Shout outs to Mr. Richards, Ms. Fisher, and the rest of the crew.  The whole thing was done beautifully.  I only wish they had performed a few weeks earlier because they would more than likely have been tagged for a “Fifth Avenue” award.

Sad to see the seniors go. James will miss them tremendously. Special notice to Julian, who has always gone out of his way to encourage and befriend and Bailey, who, as James says, “Just makes everyone feel good.”

James as Mr. Cladwell in "Urinetown"
James as Mr. Cladwell in "Urinetown"

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