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Holey and completely done

Stop by for a cup and some crumpets
Stop by for a cup and some crumpets

Melinda asked me, at the beginning of this quest, why I don’t food blog.  I think we have the definitive answer now!  😀

The wrap up to the crumpet adventure is – use the bread flour.  I didn’t notice any difference in rate or volume using the instant yeast, so in my humble, unprofessional opinion, that choice would be yours.

Other notes –

  1. I attempted one with more than the 1/3 cup batter because Steve wanted a thicker product.  It didn’t work well.  The tops began to dry before the bubbles could burst through.
  2. When adding the milk, it is important to make sure the dough is completely inculcated (any Kappa Delta’s reading?  Ha!) into the mixture.  It was much more liquidy than any I had previously attempted.
  3. I needed to bump my temperature up a smidge beyond the medium-low, but that’s just my stove and it doesn’t help when the burner isn’t consistent about turning on at all.

I have a bumper crop of crumpets in various stages of goodness (the ones from yesterday are phenomenal when split like an English Muffin, toasted and buttered).  I suspect we will be eating them for quite a while so if anyone else wants to take on the challenge, my rings are available!

Happy baking.


6 thoughts on “Holey and completely done

  1. They look a lot better and very holey. Did you not notice any difference when cooking them?
    Well done and congratulations for perseverance and sheer stubbornness!
    What is the Steve verdict?


    1. Hi Melinda! Yes, there was a big difference in the cooking. I noticed bubbles much more immediately. The batter was thinner than before and it poured and set quickly.

      Steve says they need to be thicker (mine were about 1/2 to 2/3 of an inch) and could benefit from a tad more finishing in the oven, but on the whole, he was pleased! I will work his request after we manage to make our way through the 2 batches I have waiting to be eaten. Maybe we have some unsuspecting neighbors we need to meet :).

      I am thoroughly enjoying the “Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society.” Lynn was kind enough to let me borrow it and I can hardly wait to get back to it when I’m done working for the day!


    1. I see – Sarah makes you into a photographer and now it’s my turn? LOL First lesson – ditch the little Vivitar …..


  2. Lynn sent me your recipe and I must say it worked very well. My crumpets, or pikelets as my English parents call them, have the nooks and crannies the storebought ones have with a much better flavour and texture.


    1. I’m so glad you enjoyed them. Personally, I would like to do a crumpet tour of England, just to make sure I got them right! OK, it’s just an excuse for a holiday. 🙂


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