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Outstanding in my field

It is finished
It is finished!

I always think of my father when I hear “outstanding in my field.”  He had a cartoon pasted on his door illustrating the phrase, I want to remember in my few-too-many-29th-birthdays brain.  Truly, he is a man outstanding in his field; it is a nice side note to the post!  And now on to the lamb out standing in its field …

The cake is done.  Other than baking the actual lamb, I found I had little to do with it.  Hope and I made the fondant, but it was she who made almost all the decorating decisions. 

Marbled Chocolate Cake
Marbled Chocolate Cake

The first decision came when, while mixing up a super glob of frosting, she decided to put some mint extract in it.  She likes mint and chocolate and the base cake was a marbled chocolate and vanilla; theoretically it was a good choice.  The bad news is, as dad remembers, the lamb is supposed to be covered in coconut to make it fuzzy.  I like coconut.  I like peppermint.  I do not like them together.

While we debated on whether or not to make a new batch of frosting to anchor the coconut Matt, another brilliant designer, decided the frosting could be piped onto the lamb in a way to fleece you into believing it was wool (rim shot). 

Sheared Sheep
Sheared Sheep

The green went down on the base and while I showed houses to Sam and Sarah, Matt finished off clothing the lamb in white.

Steve contributed the soft brown eyes by creating cross sections of Hershey’s kisses (which just happened to be chocolate/mint).

Hope took to fondant molding like a pro, turning out leaves to adorn the vines she had piped onto the cake base (who knew I had such a talented family?) and while Steve and I were out interviewing a potential renter, she created and executed the red flower motif.

Except for the hideous photography, for which I have no one to blame but myself, it was a lovely success and we look forward to enjoying it with Richard when he arrives this afternoon!

Lynn sent me a link to a baking blog where others, who apparently have the same mold, created noteworthy cakes.  I am fervently in prayer that they do not think our efforts worthy of their notice!

Happy Easter.  The Lamb of God is Risen.  He is Risen indeed!


2 thoughts on “Outstanding in my field

  1. It did turn out brilliant! What a great cake to make for Easter time too. Well done!
    I love the outstanding in his field pun, too
    You should check out the lamb cakes on Cake Wrecks. So baaad. They will make you feel very clever! (Yours is missing the cigarette. lol)


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