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It’s not a baaaad thing

Lamb cake moldThis year, for the first time, my traditional Easter lamb cake came out of the mold looking like a lamb.  Usually there is a large blob of frosting under the sleek undercoat, further disgusised with a shag of coconut fur, where a hunk of cake adhered to the cast iron sides of the kitchen piece I inherited from my grandmother.

My daughter, encouraged by the success, decided we needed to make a “field” for it to sit in, along with flowers to decorate the meadow.  We used a recipe I had been threatening to use ever since Christmas when my British husband thought that having done so well with the essentials of a Christmas Cake, I should learn how to decorate it a la Britannia.

The fondant turned out to be fun to make and easy to work with.  I will post final pictures when the decorating is complete.


4 thoughts on “It’s not a baaaad thing

    1. My favorite is a Betty Crocker out of a cookbook that had Sarah drooling. It’s one of those “can’t get this version anymore” copies and the insides have broken from the binding. Several pages are glued together from food oversplashes. I will post the recipe on another entry.


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